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08 February 2012

Poker Player Wins $175k Bad Beat Jackpot

It's every poker player's nightmare to lose a hand of Hold'em while holding bullets and flopping quad Aces. But for Poobah it was a dream come true: On February 7th, the online poker player popped the Bad Beat Jackpot, which had skyrocketed to well over $500,000. Poohbah originally opened his online poker account at less than a week ago.

"The latest Bad Beat Jackpot win will go down legendary," stated Michael Harris. "Not only did a brand new player pop our $500k Bad Beat Jackpot, but sharing in the prize pool is one of our frequent Bad Beat Jackpot winners, proving that anyone can win this game."

It happened at a 6-max table in a faceoff against online poker player toptrainer, who won the hand with a straight flush. Poohbah takes home $175,232,10, and the winner of the hand, toptrainer, left the table with a healthy $116,809.70.

It's all part of the ongoing Bad Beat Jackpot game!

But it's not just the recipient of the bad beat who walks away a winner when the jackpot hits. The winner of any Bad Beat Jackpot losing hand stands to win 20% of the jackpot, and those who participated in the dealt hand will share 10% of the jackpot (30% of every jackpot goes to reseed the next big one).

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