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12 October 2011

DSO Malta – Nicolai Kostakis wins it for Denmark

Location: Malta
Last weekend in Malta took place yet another stage of the DeepStack Open. 343 players registered to this €550 tournament. 50,000 chips, one hour levels, for what seems to be one of the best formulas for a perfect poker weekend.

Everyone got to enjoy the comfort of a nice Casino, thanks to the Portomaso Casino staff and directors, a warm welcome from the Maltese People and the Local poker community, but also the nice scenary, the nightlife in Paceville, helped by just a few trays of vodka-Redbull shooters (be careful fellow poker players, drinking is bad, especially before a poker tournament).

After a successful Day 1A with over 160 players, Day 1B saw even more players decided to have a go at taking home an appetizing €33,000. With a prizepool of over €170,000, a total of 54 players would go back home with a minimum of €900, including three DSO VIP players who finished just before the bubble and still took home €900.

To become a DSO VIP player, all the players had to do was to play online during one and a half month before the tournament and accumulate 1000 FPPs. Thanks to this promotion, 6 players took home either an Ipad 2, a Dell laptop, or a Bose headset.

Day 2 saw 120 players coming back, adding an other 70 players after day 1B.  Chip leaders with over 400,000 chips were Yanira Delgado Garcia and Thomas Calfelis. After only a few minutes, players started to put all their chips in, and a few levels later, just before the diner break, it was bubble time. After an all in confrontation 4h 5h against 8s Ts on a board Jh

8s 4c 3h, we had our bubble man.

The day kept going, with many nationalities still represented, and among them, French, Germans, Danish, English, Italians… 17 of them would come back in day 3.

Within one level in the semi finals, 5 players went out. Soon enough, the final table was decided, and we had our 9 finalists.
Seat 1: Steven Van Zadelhoff – 1,500,000 (Holland)
Seat 2: Nicolai Kostakis – 900,000 (Denmark)
Seat 3: Mathieu Paquet – 3,200,000 (Canada)
Seat 4: Ville Sissonen – 1,750,000 (Finland)
Seat 5: Benoit Le Gal – 2,350,000 (France)
Seat 6: Cristian Manuel Stan – 2,400,000 (Romania)
Seat 7: Daniel Dankelmann – 4,500,000 (Germany)
Seat 8: Thomas Calfelis – 1,500,000 (Switzerland)
Seat 9: Nadège Thomas – 950,000 (France)

After 8 hours in this Final Table, it’s finally Danish Player Nicolai Kostakis who takes home a beautiful €33,000 and a DSO Malta Champion Title, for this first edition on the Rock. Runner up French man Benoit Le Gal will have €21,000 to spend in upcoming tournaments.

The next stop of the DeepStack Open will be in Austria, at the Montesino Casino, where last year over 500 players fought for the title. So stay in touch until the first weekend of November!

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