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07 March 2011

Optimal Payments: Their New Name

In January 2011, NEOVIA Financial® Plc announced the acquisition of Optimal Payments™. As part of the corporate identity strategy, they sought and received approval from our shareholders to change the name of the Company to Optimal Payments Plc. As part of this strategy, they also changed their ticker symbol on AIM from NEO.L to OPAY.L.

Why the change?

With the acquisition of Optimal Payments, they think to have created an international player in card and alternative payments. The combination of their online consumer payment account business, NETELLER®, their existing NETBANX® payment processing business and the Optimal merchant account and card processing business, has brought together an unparalleled comprehensive offering for their customers.

A company brand is an important asset that opens doors and markets. As they looked at their combined assets, they decided that the name Optimal Payments better reflects both the nature of what we do and serves as a positive statement of ambition. Critically, it is also well recognized and respected in the significant North American market, which it has serviced since 1997. And most importantly it says right what we do on the tin – optimal payments.

What about the NETBANX® and NETELLER names?

Their NETELLER®, NETBANX® and Net+® service brands will remain as will their signature green colour.

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