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16 July 2008

Young Poker Player Bets His Winnings on Pro Dreams

Age is no barrier to becoming a Poker Pro as 21-year old Michael Schwaiger from Austria discovered last month when he made Poker history as one of the youngest first prize winners of the weekly $250,000 Guaranteed Prize tournament.

With his win still rippling throughout the Poker world, 21-year old amateur poker enthusiast Michael Schwaiger has defied the odds and proved that you don't need to be a veteran of the tables to win big at Poker.

When the last cards fell in his favor at Sunday's $250,000 Guaranteed Prize tournament, Michael found himself face to face with his lifelong dream of becoming a Poker Pro. First introduced to Poker through a Friend, the 21-year old played hard to refine his game and attain VIP status at a Poker Room. As testimony to an unswerving combination of skill, perseverance and hope, he is now celebrating over $52,500 in prize winnings less than a year and a half after joining.

The winnings have provided a welcome relief from his office day job, but instead of booking in for vacation days, Michael has his eye on greater aspirations. When asked what was in store for his new and rather sizeable bank account, he answered "Sure I'll make a couple of purchases with my winnings, but I plan to leave enough money in my poker account to participate in the other tournaments. I would love to qualify for a live tournament like the Irish Open or the EPT Madrid, and finally pursue my dream of becoming a Poker Pro!"

Michael is just one of many Poker players who have realized their dreams at the popular online poker room. He is not alone on the road to poker stardom.

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