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07 May 2008

NETELLER’s New NETBANX International Payments Gateway Deployed by easyBus

Group continues global payments and industry diversification strategy

Wednesday 7th May 2008 – The NETELLER Group (LSE: NLR), the independent global online payments business, has deployed a new internationalised version of its NETBANX payments gateway service to merchants, including new merchant easyBus, the airport transfer operator which is part of the easyGroup, founded by Stelios.

The new international version means that customers can easily pay online in their own currency and language, using local or global payment cards or other local payment options. This improves choice for consumers, as well as giving them a better rate of currency exchange. For merchants, this means they can improve customer loyalty, customers are less likely to abandon a purchase, and merchants share revenues generated from in-stream foreign exchange.

The NETELLER Group’s NETBANX platform provides global payments services used by businesses of all sizes to accept payments via the internet, IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) and call centre channels. This new release delivers specific enhancements that allow merchants to accept payments from overseas customers, including:

  • Multi-lingual pay pages that allow merchants to collect payment from consumers in the language of their preference, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Welsh.
  • In-stream Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) that allows international consumers to pay in their local currency right on a checkout payment page, without having to pay exorbitant acquirer foreign exchange (FX) rates, and without having to wait for their next card statement to see exactly what they have been charged. Merchant’s also have the opportunity share the revenue generated from the foreign exchange transactions that happen on the page.
  • Support for all major international card payment brands, including VISA and MASTERCARD.
  • Support for a broad suite of European non-card and non-global card payment types to allow merchants to offer more funding options to their consumers, including giropay and ELV for Germany, iDEAL for Holland, Carte Bleu, domestic and international for France, and Carte SI for Italy.

NETBANX is deployed by many well respected brands extend their business opportunities using payments. easyBus, part of the easyGroup that includes easyJet, targets the value conscious international traveller. easyBus has standardised on NETBANX because of the new global payment features including local non-card payments and Dynamic Currency Conversion.

“Our customers are very value conscious and don’t want to be surprised when they open their credit card statements,” said Vasant Mistry, CEO of easyBus. “Features like NETBANX’s Dynamic Currency Conversion give our customers a better deal, with no shocks for us or them.”

“We are very focused on helping companies like easyBus drive business around the corner or around the world,” said Ron Martin, President & Chief Executive Officer of NETELLER. “We believe that these new globalisation features in our NETBANX service significantly extend our lead over other payment brands. If your business needs to do global payments like easyBus, then NETBANX should be top of your shortlist.”

The new enhanced version of the NETBANX payment gateway is available immediately. No further integration is required for existing merchants to access the new features. More information about the NETBANX payment gateway can be found at The new version can be seen in action at

About the NETBANX Payments Gateway

NETBANX is the global payment arm and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NETELLER Group. NETBANX offers high performance global payments gateway services used by thousands of businesses to accept payments via the Internet, IVR, call centre and ePOS channels. Clients include nPower,, and Walmart’s UK brand, ASDA.

As well as the typical credit and debit card processing offered by other service providers, NETBANX uniquely offers local country specific payments types, such as Direct Debit and Credit for the UK, giropay and ELV for Germany, and a full range of payment services for companies expanding their markets in Asia. For more information about NETBANX visit

About the NETELLER Group

Trusted by consumers and merchants in over 160 countries to move and manage billions of dollars each year, the NETELLER Group operates the world's leading independent online payments business. Through its NETELLER, NETBANX, and 1-Pay brands, the Group specialises in providing innovative and instant payment services where money transfer is difficult or risky due to identity, trust, currency exchange, or distance. Being independent has allowed the Group to support thousands of retailers and merchants in many geographies and across multiple industries.

NETELLER Plc is quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, with a ticker symbol of NLR. NETELLER (UK) Limited is authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to operate as a regulated e-money issuer. For more information about the Group visit

Media and Investor Contacts

NETELLER Group media relations are managed by McEntegart Marketing. Contact them through the Media Relations Contact page. Group investor relations are managed by Citigate Dewe Rogerson. Contact them through the Investor Relations Contact page.


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