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27 February 2008

Irish Poker Open

The Irish Poker Open is the longest running No Limit Texas hold 'em poker tournament in Europe and second longest in the world after the World Series of Poker.

First organized in 1981 by Terry Rogers, a well known Irish bookmaker, the tournament is Europe's largest and a fixture on the international poker calendar. It is traditionally held over Easter weekend each year.

Since Terry Rogers death in 1999 the tournament, originally held in Dublin’s Eccentric Club, has been hosted by tournament director and poker player Liam Flood and the Merrion Casino.

By 2006 the event, with 339 players, had outgrown the Merrion Casino and was held in Jury's Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin. In 2007 the venue was changed to the Burlington Hotel Dublin to accommodate an even bigger field.

The Irish Poker Open 2007 Main Event had a guaranteed prize pool of €2 million – twice the €1 million guarantee of 2006 but with a European record 708 players the prizepool swelled to more than €2.3 million.

Irish Open 2008 - €3 Million Guaranteed

Already Europe's largest poker tournament, the Irish Open will expand again in 2008 with an increased buy-in, capacity and guaranteed prizepool. The prizepool is guaranteed €3 Million!

  • Prizepool: €3 Million Guaranteed
  • Buy-in: €4,500
  • Capacity: 1,000 players
  • Location: Dublin

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