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23 February 2008

Have you tried UTour Multiplayer?

The Multiplayer play mode for UTour Golf seems to be the next big thing - and there's no guessing why!

It's a fun way to hit the links with two or three other golfers for a round of golf.

While you're on the course, don't forget about the other new features recently introduced to UTour, such as the putting cam.

When you're on a green lining up a putt, press 'F' to get a worm's-eye view of your shot.

Also, there are new camera angles in use, making watching your shots, and the shots of your competition, more entertaining.

If you happen to mess up a drive - no worries - you can take a drop shot by pressing 'Escape' after your shot. You can also choose to retake a shot if you prefer.

Finally, if you're concerned about tough competition in the Tournament lobby, try a Handicap tournament.

The Handicap tournaments automatically adjust participants stroke total based on their handicap, to make for a better fair-play experience for beginners.

You need to play 60 holes of golf before you can enter a Handicap tournament, so play a few rounds in Quick Play before trying one out.

Good luck!

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